Graph popup (from other database)

I am using Grafana + InfluxDB to store and show some statistics about some measured signal (max, min, average). The statistics are evaluated at the measuring equipment and transmitted to a server/computer due it relative high sample frequency needed.

I am already showing some of those data into Grafana. My acquisition system have also the capability of transmit some RAW data (direct acquired data, that is used in the statistic evaluation) in the occurrence of some specific event (triged for example by “max > THRESHOLD_VALUE”).

Because this RAW data is intermittent and assigned to some point of the statistic, that is a continuous data flow. I want to known if is possible (exist some plugin) to: put some mark at the graph and, clicking in, open a popup/new tab to show the RAW data from other database.


I think the Annotations feature is what you are looking for.

You’ll find the documentation here (with a link towards InfluxDB annotations queries at the bottom of the page):

And if you try the “Grafana fundamentals” tutorial, the step 9 covers this with an example for Loki.

Thanks, a first read in the documentation, this DB covers the log part. I just have to dig for some Graph popup.