Graph lines disappear over longer timespans. smartSummarize, resample no help

Grafana 9.2.3 / Ubuntu

Have a graphite data source where the data interval is every 5 minutes offset +10 seconds, so data points exist at 00:05:10, 00:10:10, etc.

Graphing as a line graph seems to work fine until I get to timespans longer than “now-5h”.

Connect null points is set to “Always”.
Have tried the following: restricting max data points, min interval settings from 5min-20min, time shift values from 5sec-120sec, using smartSummarize(servers.$server.disktemp-$disk.temperature, '10min', 'max', 'minute'), and resampling the output of the smartSummarize. I’ve also tried summarize(servers.$server.disktemp-$disk.temperature, '10min', 'sum', 'true') which does show data at now-6h sometimes (depending on when “now” is, no joke) but never shows any data further out than that.

When I zoom out more than 5 hours, the graph just disappears. I don’t get a “No data” error. I have a feeling like it has something to do with the time of data points being chosen for the graph, but I’m confused as to why resampling down to 1s doesn’t help with that. I’ve been fiddling with this for the last two days and I’m running out of things to try, lol. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.