Graph is not visible after changing time range

I am having few charts based on graphite data source. I am having code that feeds graphite with data for the last 24 hours. Data feeding frequency is every 10 minutes.
If I use “Last 6 hours” - everything looks fine.

But when I use bigger time range like “Last 8 hours” I get empty dashboard

Any ideas?

First, I think you should check datasource.
Maybe connection from grafana to database is interrupt.
You also Click to Refresh button on vertical bar.

Please use query inspector to troubleshoot what data are returned. Maybe you have

What retientions have you configured in Graphite?

The query inspector helped me to understand that I get a set of nulls from graphite when I try to look at data older than 6 hours.

So I have looked at graphite storage-schemas.conf and learned how to configure graphite it according to my needs.


What exactly did you change in storage-schemas.conf?