Graph lines are invisible and not showing correctly

Hi, I created a Graph using both Elastic and Influx data sources, 2 queries each. The legend shows the data correctly but the lines do not show in the chart, however when I mouse-over the info is displayed. See screen recording for details at Also see for screenshot of editing the chart which shows “Lines” is enabled. When I switch to bars or points there is data, but not for lines…

Is this a bug or a user/configuration/data source issue? How to make it so that the lines display correctly every time?

Grafana v5.1.3

Thx, Jeremy

You are selecting only one data point from InfluxDB - LAST(), so you can’t draw lines. You may try to use MEAN() aggregation function, instead of LAST().

BTW: Query inspector can help you verify and understand your datasource request/response Using Grafana's Query Inspector to troubleshoot issues

Thanks for the reply. I changed from last to mean but that still didn’t change it. I noticed the “Null value” option in the “Display” tab and set that to “connected” and now the chart displays as expected.

Thx, Jeremy

I was also wrong. Because you are grouping by time, then also LAST function makes sense.