Graph charts are not displayed correctly

Dear Community!

I have been trying to configure Grafana for a long time and one thing seems to be missing every time for me.
Right now, I’m using Grafana on a Debian Linux server, Grafana is in its own Docker container.
Previously I have tried installing Grafana, but the same issue was there also, so I don’t know what I’m missing.
The database is a MySQL database.

Problem: The graph charts are not displayed correctly. The “end” of the chart is always missing like here:

Firstly, it looks like there is no data before that time (around 16:00)
However if I select the timeframe to be bigger, like the last 7 days:

The data is there, even for the last 7 days, moreover I have much more data than that.
But still in this 7 day view as you can see there is a gap (but a smaller one).

If I select the last 1 hour, I get no graph at all! However looking through the graph when selected last 24 hours, I can see that in the last hour I have 4-5 data points at least.

Using other graph visualizing tools (simpler ones), I don’t have this problem.

Thanks for your help!

Tried it with different datasets, same problem.
Also the graph always “shifts” out, so it will not fill the missing gap after some time…
Also running the mysql query created by grafana manually I can see data also from 2 years ago…

Removed the filter part of the query, so that all datapoints are retrieved.
That way the graphing was correct, there were no gap.
However the auto alignment of the y axis were not correct (maybe because it accounted all data points as the basis of the height of the ‘y’ axis), something like this:

Seems like maybe it has some problems with the timestamps.