Grant access tags when user's organization matches group or user is admin

I would like to solve the following problem:

I got some measurements as described here: Grant access to dashboard with only one specific variable

This is the query to get the groups-variable, which basically returns all urls a measurement has been done for:

SHOW TAG VALUES WITH KEY = "group" WHERE "category" =~ /$category/

In real life this would be like this:

SHOW TAG VALUES WITH KEY = "group" WHERE "category" = 'default'

group example_org

name: values
key   value
---   -----
group example_org

name: videoRecordingStart
key   value

Now I learned that Grafana does not provide a detailed ACL, but I can use global variables like the user’s organization name.

So my idea was: If I only want to show URLs of the user’s organization, I could extend my query and add a second WHERE-statement.

But on the other hand an administrator should be able to see all groups.

So my question is: Is it possible to define something like a conditional switch that:

  1. shows all group items where group matches the organization AND
  2. allows an user that is an administrator to see all groups