Grafana with Prometheus Node Export got error "Templating Failed to upgrade legacy queries e.replace is not a function"

HI i am sehun,

i installed Prometheus + Node Exporter + Grafana

i have some errors, when i setting up dashbord i imported 1860 (node_exporter)
with my Prometheus Data Source.

i set config file like …

root@prometheus:/prometheus/config# cat prometheus.yml
    evaluation_interval: 1s

  - static_configs:
    - targets:
      - localhost:9093

- "./rules/*.yml"

- job_name: 'node_exporter'
  scrape_interval: 3s
  scrape_timeout: 1s
  - targets:
    - localhost:9100

and my docker ps

root@prometheus:/prometheus/config# docker ps -a
CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                                     COMMAND                  CREATED          STATUS          PORTS     NAMES
999c16eb85b7   prom/prometheus:v2.29.2                   "/bin/prometheus --c…"   33 minutes ago   Up 33 minutes             prometheus
e9074f956cb8   grafana/grafana:8.1.2                     "/"                47 minutes ago   Up 47 minutes             grafana
31ffd5191578   "/bin/node_exporter …"   58 minutes ago   Up 58 minutes             node_exporter
cdb111304c52   prom/pushgateway:v1.4.1                   "/bin/pushgateway"       2 hours ago      Up 2 hours                pushgateway

and firewall

I got stuck and I don’t know how to figure out the problem. Perhaps anyone of the awesome guys here have an hint for me to help me out of this problems.

Thanks a lot for reading all of this in advance. thanks

It’s a late reply, but I’m posting it here if anyone has the issue:

It seems that the new revisions of the “Node Template Full” grafana dashboard (ID 1860) is not compatible with Grafana 8. Maybe it’s compatible with Grafana 9, but I couldn’t find any docker image of it

The way I could see it, is when going into the “edit” on one of the panels, and see that the source was broken (showing [Object object] instead of simply “Prometheus”)

I was able to get an older revision, and get it working with Grafana 8 (Revision 27), just download the JSON and import it this way

Edit: Grafana 9 docker image is grafana/grafana-oss, so the better solution is to move to this version, and Node Exporter Full will be compatible !