Grafana with local mongoDB

I want to use grafana with my local mongodb inside localhost:port. I need a token to use the mongodb extension. i have a grafana enterprise account but i cant seem to find a the token in order to download it then import it on my local grafana / dockers. ( I have followed the resources provided but nothing). Any help would be appreciate it.

Which token are you referring to? And where do you want to inport to?

Can you share what documentation you might be following?

Hi @cief

Are you using Grafana Enterprise?

If yes, do you have a support contract?

This is the documentation I was refering to (Grafana Enterprise license | Grafana documentation). I wanna import it into my local grafana-docker instance in order to be able to use the mongoDB plugin.

I have a trial grafana enterprise account. And I dont think so.