Grafana with ElasticSearch - sum of max values for multiple queries

Using Grafana with ElasticSearch
We have a requirement to graph the sum of multiple ES queries and be able to alert for 5 minute time slices
So - maxcalls where channel=01 + maxcalls where channel=02 + maxcalls where channel=03 and showing that value for each 5 minuutes

eg time01-05 time06-10 time11-15 time 16-20
Channel01 1 0 6 2
Channel02 3 2 0 5
Channel03 0 7 4 2

Sum Max 4 9 10 9

We cant use metaqueries as we need to alert
Any tips appreciated

Hi @jasonhebron,

I don’t have a direct answer to your question, but in about two weeks time Grafana 8 will ship, and there should be much wider support for various alerting strategies :+1:

Hear all about it at GrafanaCONline 2021!