Multiple aggregations (first sum, then max) in ES


I am using Grafana 6.0.2 with Elasticsearch.
I need a graph where I can sum a metric per raw time slot and then draw the max per day.

I have multiple servers. They deliver one metric every 5 minutes. I want to sum this metric over all servers so that I have one value per time slot (5 minutes).
But I don’t want to see every 5 minutes interval. I only need the max value per day.
If I choose the max aggregation I only get the max value per server and not the max value of the sum over all servers…

Do anyone have an idea how to realize it?

Thanks and best regards,

I want to push this topic back to the top. Has anybody an idea how to realize that?

I doubt you can do that only with Grafana. If you would have a pre-computed sum of 5 mins samples over all servers in Elastic, then making such chart in Grafana becomes easier.

You can try use the Min time interval for 5m,

then graph it using Max value…