Grafana will only start manually , running the service will fail

running the grafana with command:

grafana-server -config /etc/grafana/grafana.ini -homepath /usr/share/grafana

will work great , but when i run from

systemctl start grafana-server

, service will not start…

my conf file is located at : /etc/grafana/grafana.ini ,
and my data is in : /data/grafana/lib/grafana/

i tried changing the env file directly, and the init.d file, and whatever i could find,
i cant understand anything from the error , and when running the service , it won’t write to the log file, only writes to log when running manually, and then everything is OK.

any ideas ?

David .

found the issue,
it was a permission issue,
i have to give permissions on the pid folder.