Grafana webhook sends 400 Bad Request

Hi, using webhook to send alerts to specific endpoint on webhook.

Grafana version - grafana-4.6.3-1.x86_64

  1. Configured webhook Channel (unable to test as there is no way to send message with this and it throws error code 400 due to blanl message)

  2. Configured alert with notification where I have message field updated with some texts.

  3. Getting below error while sending alerts to webhook but same works for mail.

msg=“Webhook failed” logger=notifications.webhook statuscode=“400 Bad Request” body="{“message”:“Both text and markdown cannot be empty in the same request.”,“errors”:[{“description”:“Both text and markdown cannot be empty in the same request.”}],

  1. My webhook works fine on command line using curl with some text

FYI , this is incoming webhook, tried slack as well with this webhook but same error

grafana tries to send a POST to your webhook url but it is returning an error.

For slack you should us the slack notifier type

Should I use slack or webhook ? I used both types under notification as well but same issue. Why grafana is sending blank message ? There should be alert data

In webhook where can I define message format ?