Grafana Viewer modify alert rules using custom panel text field, is it possible?

Hi there,

I need to do the following with Grafana:

  • My Customer is logged as a Viewer user (Not Editor)
  • He can view a temperature Graph.
    → But this Viewer has also access to an interactive Text Field box, where he can set the desired temperature threshold value to trigger a mail Alert .

Can you guide me to which is the best Grafana plugin to achieve this.

Is it possible with regard to user’s permissions? (A Viewer that can modify this text field)
And I wonder what would be the syntax to interact from this custom panel with the current temperature Graph alert rules.

Not sure if this is already contemplated somewhere or in an existing plugin.

any help will be very appreciated,


I tried with grafana template variables.
But it looks like Alerts don’t support template variables :frowning:

Any help is still appreciated.
I think is a bit complex for customers having to go to the Alerts page and modify alert values manually.