Grafana Update (Debian) 6.6.2 -> 6.70 Fault (no login after update)


Also not after Password reset with CLI command
GUI prompts for Password change but after that again no login possible

Has anyone run into this ?


I have same kind of problem…

My firmware:
Raspberry Pi 3B+
Openplotter 1.2.0

Done so far:
followed the commands in the page:
used "Ubuntu and Debian (Armv7)

Downloading grafana_6.7.3_armhf.deb and installation seemed to pass ok.

I knew that SignalK-server uses port 3000 (comes with the Openplotter),
therefore I changed the line in the file “/etc/grafana/grafana.ini” from “;http = 3000” to “http = 3030”.

Started Chromium-browser and used address “localhost:3030”, login page loaded ok, used admin-admin to log in, which was ok.

Then I tried to change the password, pressing “save” generated a red rectangle with the text “Unauthorized”. Pressing “Skip” throws me back to first login page, and by using admin-admin again I get the change password page and so on…

I have not yet made grafana-server to start automatically on boot.

Waiting for the response from the support team…

wth best regards,


In my case the solution at the end (some hours wasted) :

Chrome Browser 60.x (very old ) -> login fault (but with Grafana 6.62 ok)
Chrome Browser 80.x -> login ok

So the installation of Grafana was all the time not the problem.



and thanks a lot for your advice.

Installed Grafana 6.6.2 and it does not hang in the login page.
My browser calls itself Chromium and the version is “Version 65.0.3325.181 (Official Build) Built on Rasbian”

Thanks once more for your effort,