Grafana timeout for Influx queries


Is there a timeout setting within Grafana that affects long running queries? Some dashboards timeout after 50s with error “Network Error: undefined(undefined)” in upper left hand of the graph panel. Running the same query works fine in the InfluxCLI (but takes > 1 minute).

Using Grafana 4.6.2 and Influx 1.3.5-1.



50s? that is a bit too long.

No there is no timeout option. Grafana is designed for quick queries that take usually only take around 100ms (1-10 seconds in extreme cases).

You should take a look at why it takes so long. Increase group by time? maybe it targets or returns too many series? Maybe you need to create rollup (continuous query), influxdb is pretty bad when it comes to long time ranges as it has no generic way to do rollups.

Thanks @torkel (and thanks for Grafana!) . Indeed I am using group by (with a percentile). As you inferred, my use case is trying to analyze a large amount of data . However, with the Influx change to accommodate high cardinality, performance for queries seemed to have suffered. Also, without getting too much into details on how the infrastructure is setup (it is setup as a service for others in the company to consume), I did download Grafana on my mac and was able to query influx directly without issue.