Grafana template variables mapping

Hi All,

I would like to ask does grafana able to support template variables mapping
here whats i want to do
I have Variables like country : sg,tw,in

I want them to repeat by row for each return values, i setup the panel to grep data from datasource e.g my_stuff_${country}

However in actual datasource backend side they have not align naming such as
my_stuff , my_stuff_sg ,my_stuff_in , so in this case my_stuff never success appear
in grafana

Would like to any suggestion , thanks all

Your question is not very clear. Are you asking that, can the variable value be different than the variable text that appears in the variable drop down?

Hi @gurpartapsbhatti

Sorry may be in this way
Is it grafana able to have a custom mapping in variable
for example

country : db_id
hk : 1
tw : 2
sg : 3


country: location
hk : a
tw : b
sg : c

i find the new 7.3.2 release seems does provide this function

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