Grafana stacked bar graph and timeline

Version * v8.4.3 (b7d2911cac)

I am trying to show electricity spot prices and transfer prices in a stacked bar graph.
I have set the prices with nodered to influxdb to exact hours like 1646863200000000000
0:00 at midnight with nanosec precision.

Now when I have it with grafana i would like it to have 0:00 , 1:00 , 2:00 like exact hour.
Somehow grafana shifts it 0:00 ->1:00 so it is one hour offset in the window and last is not stacked at all. If I put these in the same query I cannot change the order at all.

What I am doing wrong so that I could get exact hours on the time line and stacked also the last bar?
Thank you.

I just shifted the timeline -1h so now time is right. Any ideas how to fix the last bar ?

Question: I don’t understand… could this be a bug or how to limit last one so it could be exact hour like the rest?
Option 2: I could put these in one query but then bars are stacked in the wrong order(upside down)

Fixed it like this:
import “date”

|> range(start: today() , stop: date.truncate(t: 24h, unit: 1h))