Shift location and/or width of bar on graph (with other data untouched)

I see similar questions asked a year or two ago, but not resolved that I can see. Hoping mine is either different, or things changed in the interim.

I am using Grafana inside Home Assistant, it identifies as Grafana 6.6.2, and am accessing InfluxDB for various home energy related data. Influxdb is 1.7.9.


Here is a snippit of a graph, it has three temperatures (lines) and one bar graph representing kWh used on that day.

The issue is the bar is centered, so if you look at 3/16 the bar right above it is for the whole period from 3/16 to 3/17. The placement of the bar relative to the (correctly placed) line graphs is confusing; it is effectively shifted 12 hours.

I can’t find a way to do math on the time series itself in InfluxDB, and any attempts so far to shift affect the temp data also.

What I need is either a secondary X axis I could scale, or a way to time shift the series (without screwing up the end of day points for aggregation). tz() won’t go far enough (and not sure if it will interfere with aggregation), or a way to position the bars differently (by left side not center), or…

Is there a way?