Grafana Source installation on Windows - Build error


I have build the UI and shows no issues , but while I am trying to build the backend it shows

c:\Users\PC\grafana>go run build.go build
Version: 8.2.0, Linux Version: 8.2.0, Package Iteration: 1630928573pre
building binaries build
building grafana-server ./pkg/cmd/grafana-server
rm -r ./bin/windows-amd64/grafana-server.exe
rm -r ./bin/windows-amd64/grafana-server.exe.md5
go build -ldflags -w -X main.version= -X main.commit=unknown-dev -X main.buildstamp=1630928573 -X main.buildBranch=main -buildmode=exe -o ./bin/windows-amd64/grafana-server.exe ./pkg/cmd/grafana-server
pkg\cmd\grafana-server\commands\cli.go:154:12: undefined: server.Initialize
exit status 2
exit status 1

Iam using :

  • GO 1.17
  • Node.Js 5.10.16

Hi @madel

Sorry you’re blocked on this. Maybe this blog post has some hints?

It it continues maybe report it as an issue in the repo. Or try Go 1.16 instead?

Also that is quite an old version of Node for building / developing Grafana.