Grafana building from source error (undefined: server.Initialize)

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I’ve been trying to modify Grafana for 3 days and doing a build again.

I have modified the LoginPage to put my company name just below the Grafana logo. But there is no way to recompile the code.

I have a windows and I have followed this tutorial: Installation - Building from source - 《Grafana v6.2 Documentation》 - 书栈网 · BookStack. But when I do: go run build.go setup it gives me this error:

$ go run build.go setup
Version: 8.3.0, Linux Version: 8.3.0, Package Iteration: 1634138282pre
go install -v -buildmode=exe ./pkg/cmd/grafana-server
pkg\cmd\grafana-server\commands\cli.go:168:12: undefined: server.Initialize
exit status 2
exit status 1

are you still hitting this error, @andreuserrasastre

I am having a similar issue with:

go run build.go build

created an issue here: Build: go backend build fails on windows · Issue #40839 · grafana/grafana · GitHub


Just checked 8.2.3 hoping that it would have been fixed, but no…
pkg/cmd/grafana-server/commands/cli.go:163:12: undefined: server.Initialize

This issue has not been resolved yet. I am getting the same error while building the application. Could someone help me with this to resolve it or if there is any workaround, that would also be helpful too.

pkg/cmd/grafana-server/commands/cli.go:163:12: undefined: server.Initialize

Appreciate the help

see link to GH issue in @atifshoukatali’s post above :point_up:

How is this working on Windows 10? Everytime i try to run

make gen-go

i get the error: File *.sh not found.
process_begin: CreateProcess(NULL, # Install binary/ries using Go 1.14+ build command. This is using bwplotka/bingo-controlled, separate go module with pinned dependencies., …) failed.

Thanks a lot,

Hi @andreuserrasastre, I am also facing your error exactly. If your problem is solved, please guide me

Hi @atifshoukatali I want to build Grafana from the source using this link [grafana/ at main · grafana/grafana · GitHub], but I have a problem in the backend build steps in Windows.I have run this command(gen -tags oss ./pkg/server ./pkg/cmd/grafana-cli/runner) in the Wire tool install path, but I am facing this error: ‘gen’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, please help me

please run make gen-go first。