Grafana single user auth with zabbix


I have an environment of ~150 customers and ~2000 servers. Today my monitoring system is xymon, and I’m migrating them to Zabbix, and I’m looking forward to using Grafana as my main dashboard for my clients.

But I have doubts about access because one of the clients must not see the others, and I already have the user on Zabbix. Can I have a single point of authentication and security rules?

I already saw something about Grafana Enterprise can handle SAML auth, but I got confused because on compatible data source Zabbix is not there. Is there any limitation on the integration of Grafana and Zabbix for Grafana Enterprise?

Thanks for your time.

I would use SAML auth for Zabbix and Grafana. Then create dedicated Zabbix API user (with proper view permission for particular customer only)/Grafana datasource (with datasource team permissions)+team for each customer to resolve authorization problem.