Grafana Single Stat - Timeticks (Uptime)

Hi guys,

I’m having issues with timeticks (basically System Up Time) from one of the SNMP enabled devices.

I’ve selected “Options” -> “Time” -> “duration(s)” but the data is showing as 23 years!

The actual data is 85 days as shown below from the snmpget output
Timeticks: (737365657) 85 days, 8:14:16.57

Screenshot also attached, am I missing something? Any help appreciated - thanks!


It expects a time value in epoch, i.e. number of seconds elapsed since January 1th 1970. Checking your time value at shows Friday, May 14, 1993 7:47:37 AM GMT, i.e. ~23 years ago.

Seems like your time ticks value is in some other format than epoch.


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Thank you @Marcus, makes perfect sense.

Did this to get to # of days:

timeticks / 8640000 = days

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