Grafana shows no data

Hello, everyone,
I use Influxdb 2 with Flux and now I have a problem with Grafana because no more data is displayed from June 27th.
Now I read somewhere that you have to adapt Grafana for the query at Flux, but I have no idea how to do it.
The strange thing is that my weekly electricity consumption is displayed correctly, while the monthly electricity consumption from 27.06. represents nothing more.
With another board that I have deleted and created again as a test, I get the following error message:
invalid: compilation failed: error @6:33-6:53: missing property key error @6:35-6:36:
Since I don’t know the background very well, it would be great if one of you would be willing to explain to me exactly what I have to do now.
Sorry for using google translate but my english isn’t the best anymore

Greetings Andy

look like you have no data in your query,
issue with your data integration, go into influx and run your query .
do you use telegraf agent ? you may check this one
It’s not a grafana issue

Everything is displayed correctly in Influx - see screenshot. So I don’t understand why this doesn’t work in Grafana. Something must be wrong there. Above all, the question is how do I fix the error message I mentioned in my first post.

and what does your query look like in grafana?

You can see that in my first post under electricity consumption month