Grafana showing no data points when variable filter set to “All”


I am using grafana v5.4.0 with Prometheus as a data source to monitor my application’s API calls.

I have created " Request Count " (spring-boot graph) and configured 2 of my applications to monitor API’s.

In Graph Setting --> variable --> type = Custom --> Added 2 application names , also I checked “Include all options” checkbox

But when on the graph I select " All ", I get no data points

my metric query is as follows,


But when I select individual application name from a variable filter, It shows proper data only when I select " All " the message comes " No data point"

Can anyone suggest some solutions?


Change the query to irate(http_server_requests_seconds_count{application=~"^$application"}[5m]). You may need to set a custom all value if it doesn’t work out of the box (I know it works out of the box with all when using a query variable).

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hello @mefraimsson, I am also trying to get this query work, I get no data points
Services are nodes, applications are?