Update 6.4.3 - Single Stats Panel show "No Data" instead Null response

i use some simple query for check status of prometheus targets.

Prometheus Query:

> count(up{job=“etcd”} == 0)


*Response Object*
  • xhrStatus:“complete”*
  • request:Object*
  • method:“GET”*
  • url:“api/datasources/proxy/27/api/v1/query?query=count(up%7Bjob%3D%22etcd%22%7D%20%3D%3D%200)&time=1571585134”*
  • response:Object*
  • status:“success”*
  • data:Object*
  • resultType:“vector”*
  • result:Array[0]*
  • []*

I always use “Value Mappings” feature for rewrite null in “0” and show corrected value in panel.
Updating Grafana from 6.2.1 to 6.4.3 version panel show “No Data” value and the “Value Mappings” feature seems broke.

Can we help me?


Could be fixed in 6.4.4 release Null fix