Grafana Prometheus : showing the version changing values on a single row of a table panel base on common product value

I’m using Grafana version 7.3.1 with Prometheus data source.

i have a data including product and version of the product.
i use grouping transformation to display on a table panel both of the fields, product ( ihave several products) and version of the product on a time window, if i have an upgrade/downgrade on the time window, i see both versions, old and new.
what i want to see if possible to have both versions on a same row/cell asperated by comma or any other character.
if its not possible then to have only the latest version

i didn’t found any way to concatenate the versions in the same row, but for latest version:
im using group by transform by groping the products and try to calculate the version - to see the last one, but incase of downgrade i see wrong data - i see the previous version (the higher one) and not the current version.

coudnt find any online resources to help me with displaying all the versions in same row for specific product on given time window.