Grafana panels in an external web portal coming out to be in editable form

My html file for the web portal consists of nothing but the iframe link for the panel. I was just testing out whether the images are being sent to a portal( here, my localhost ) or not. While it does work, it just sends the panel screen portion AS IS. In an editable form. I used the Grafana panel’s embedded link for sharing the iframe src link in my Html code. What do I do to get just the jpeg of the panel?

(I’ve tried both viewer/editors setting on grafana.ini file, neither shows any change to my requirement)

Can you show the html snippet you are using?

It should look like this example in the docs:

Here’s my HTML code pretty much. (Ignore the line break, I put it to wrap up the long URL link )
I even did the said changes in my ini. file Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 4.27.40 PM
No luck, though. It still appears in an editable form.

Can you test navigating to the http://localhost:3000/d-solo/… that you have in your screenshot. It should only show the panel without the menu.

So just did a test with the following html:

  <head> </head>
<iframe src="http://localhost:3000/d-solo/YFlVmSTmk/stackdrivercore?orgId=1&from=1585822429489&to=1585823329490&panelId=18" width="450" height="200" frameborder="0"></iframe>

With the following settings in my ini file, allow_embedding = true and

enabled = true

And got:

Yep I did that. Sadly, it still redirects me to an editable link of the dashboard panel.

Does this go to a panel that is not editable? (This is the embed url for the start page on the play site)

Also, what version of Grafana are you using?

If I click on the link, it is coming up fine. But if I place this as part of iframe_src in my html file, I am not able to see anything.
Version 6.6.0 is what I’m currently using

You won’t be able to embed it as that is not turned on for - just wanted to check that it worked on your OS and browser.

The only way I can recreate this is by linking to the home dashboard with this embed snippet:

<iframe src="http://localhost:3000/?orgId=1&from=1586179736081&to=1586201336081&panelId=1" width="450" height="200" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Can you try the embed link for a different panel - or are you linking to the home dashboard?