Exporting a grafana panel to a HTML page

We are trying to use a panel from grafana in an HTML page by using the following code snippet:

However, when the html page is rendered in the browser, the panel is showing as an editable panel and not as a read-only panel.

Are there any settings in grafana.ini to enforce this or anything additional to be added as part of iframe src tag above?

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Hi! Could you please post the snippet in a code block? Can you verify that it is editable for any user - it might be that you are still logged in. Could you maybe post a screenshot too?

Thanks for your response to the query. Appreciate much.

My code snippet in HTML that I am trying to open is as follows:

CM Cell

If I logged into grafana in the same browser, will it show as editable?

I don’t know, is it possible for you to provide screenshots to show what you mean with editable? You could always try logging out in the same browser and see if it changes, but I feel like it shouldn’t.


I have attached the screenshot with this response.



Did you get the embed code by clicking the panel dropdown->Share->Embed?