Grafana on Mobile (iOS safari)

It seems mobile support isn’t too great with grafana? I’m working on iPhone 11 Pro Max, iOS 13.5, safari browser. I can view my dashboard and it scales ok and looks ok. I can even select times and see the data ok. But if I go to edit one, I was taken to I guess maybe it’s the options pane? Where it shows panel edit to change the visualization, can’t actually edit the series or sources, etc. I found a workaround to get to the series data by going into landscape, which makes me unable to see a lot of the info but does present an arrow to close the options tab. Luckily after doing this once it seems to remain closed by default for next time. Even after doing this, scrolling in the series area is very difficult. It seems to try to scroll the left hand grafana main window rather than the area with series data. There is another workaround in editing the series data via the explore function rather than edit. This works fine for editing the series data, however, I can’t find anywhere to over ride time window per graph anymore nor edit graph features like axes or color, etc, all of which was available from mobile in 5.1.4. Maybe it’s just in a new place I haven’t found? It seems like it’s supposed to be on the edit page but the tab for it is cutoff/behind other stuff and nothing I do can reveal it or let me access it (pic attached).

I recently updated from an older grafana version, 5.1.4 to now 7.0.3. In 5.1.4, same device and iOS and everything , it worked much smoother where editing allowed editing the series and charts and stuff without as many issues. I guess I’ll have to go back to the older version, unless I’m missing something.

It’s a little disappointing because the main reason I upgraded from 5.1.4 is that working from mobile was often frustrating where you can’t scroll by touching the panel/graph, so if you find yourself zoomed in to the graph you can no longer scroll around. I figured the new versions of grafana must have surely improved mobile support after all these years but it seems not? Not only is that particular issue still an issue but there are far more issues now than before.

Is mobile just not really meant to be supported or used? Are there plans in the future for better support? Thanks in advance.

Hi @xxragexx - Welcome to the community forums. :wave:

We’ve been tagging mobile-specific issues on GitHub here and encourage the community to submit them and do pull requests on these as they come up:

In terms of support - most of the mobile browser issues that have been closed and merged have historically focused more so on the viewing experience of dashboards compared to the panel creation and editing experience. The screen sizes don’t offer much real estate to work with here for all the editing options. A lot of UX and engineering resources on our side would need to be factored in there before we can make more of a commitment in that area. Hope that clears a few things up!

While not actively involved in development I can only guess the main problem to be screen real estate or the lack thereof.
I have been using my Grafana installation a lot including creating and editing dashboards and panels on mobile and I am very pleased with the experience. But I am using an iPad pro … given my eyesight I can not even imagine using a phone to do that :wink:

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I to am having the same problem editing on an ipad