Grafana OEMs. customizing menus and logo

Hi I´m new… I would want to know if it possible to customize Grafana Dashboard with new logo and new menues options
I will appreciate your answer
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Hi @gncastro,

I suppose the best answer here is “it depends”.

What version of Grafana are you running, and what are your intentions here? Do you intend to change the Grafana source code and then offer that product to customers?

Hi Matt
My intention is to build my own app using Grafana. I could adapt only some small part of Grafana code just to buid my own customized menu. I will use it for offering customized monitoring services to customers ( not selling any product). is it possible ?

Thank you

Whether or not your intended use violates our license depends on the version of Grafana you are using. Grafana 8 will be AGPLv3. Earlier versions are Apache2.

Here is an FAQ on our licensing changes, and how they might impact your project:

Thank you Matt for your answer. I wil review the faq you sent me to learn about your policy


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Great and very useful information. Thanks for this discussion! :+1:

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