Grafana now showing today's data in graphs

Dear viewer,

I am running a Sql Server query to sum items per day as my Grafana graph input. It works well but does not seem to include todays data until we go past midnight. I attach images of the sql server query and Grafana’s output. Can anyone help me? I just need Grafana to display all data including todays.

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What time zone is your date column? It needs to be converted to UTC

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Hi yosiasz and thanks for the reply.
If you look at my query in the above images, you’ll see it returns a count grouped by date. e.g.

These dates are UTC although it should make no difference as I have stripped off time so that I can group by day. If you then look at my grafana chart image above, you can see it charts all data except todays. (Date of posting is 5th April 2023).

I have tried all sorts, I have tried concatenating a single second onto the data in sql server. I have tried various transformations in Grafana. No matter what I do, Grafana cuts off the chart at midnight of the previous day.

Can anyone help with this ?

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