Grafana Mute Time Range Error: 'Bad Request Error'

I want to send mail alert from Grafana only by 11 AM IST and 5 PM IST. Which is 5:30 AM UTC and 11:30 AM UTC respectively. But I don’t see any specific time to mention. But I found the mute time range. I provided the mute time range as below in UTC,
IST::: 11:05 - 16:55
UTC::: 05:35 - 11:25

IST::: 17:05 - 10:55
UTC::: 11:35 - 05:25

But Grafana considers only the first-time range. If I provide the 2nd time range, while saving, it gives error as ‘Error: bad request data’.
pls help to resolve this.

I think your problem is that Grafana does not resolve the wrap around for 11:35 - 05:25. You have to split it in two, 11:35 - 24:00 and 00:00 - 05:25. I had the same with saturday:sunday; saturday,sunday works.