Grafana mixes namespaces from different data sources

Hello there!
I am working with several kubernetes clusters and I take logs from these clusters via data sources. And I want to get logs from each pod from every namespace in the chosen cluster.
I am using the following variables: 1) cluster (where I choose data source) 2) namespace 3) pod

The problem is that grafana mixes those namespaces, i.e. when I choose needed cluster I do not get its namespaces, moreover I see some mix of namespaces from different clusters and I do not know what is the problem.
Does anyone know how to deal with that?
Also, I would like to add another variable for viewing logs from specific container in the pod but I do not know how to query right.

Hello :wave: and welcome to the forum, @rockstaralex

So, first question: what version of grafana are you using, and do you think you can reproduce this on 8.2.3?

I ask because templating is always under development and it is possible that upgrading might just get you unblocked. That said, this might otherwise be a query issue and you’ll have to share more details about that.

Also, I would check out our docs and example dashboards on chained variables. I would also suggest that you try investigating the issue while viewing your data inside the table panel. It’s almost always easier to start troubleshooting there. :+1:

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