Grafana Missing Old Lines on Loki Datasource


I installed Loki using a helm chart. This is the configuration:

Everything is working except that the old lines are missing. I can maximum 4h of logs and some lines just don’t show.

Below is an example: 21 Lines of 1000 (Limit). Directly by API call, also returns 21.
Seeing “0.log” file on the promtail pod I can see all the lines, so it should not be on the promtail side.

I had set the reject_old_samples: false to see if more logs appears. Nothing happened.

I also attached an example of one line of my logs.

Example of a line that never shows:
2023-01-23T17:57:23.203 WARN userTaskFinderScheduler-2015 app_name=n4b-bpmn-service app_version=0.15.2 - Item eeb0f6a0-98b9-11ed-a38b-276d8b72d0a8 in budget e9de3968-98b9-11ed-aea2-ef3131b5ad0d is in Deleted but should be in Proposed

Example of a line that shows:
2023-01-23T17:58:13.257 INFO kafka-producer-network-thread | producer-1 org.apach.kafka.clien.NetworkClient app_name=n4b-bpmn-service app_version=0.15.2 - [Producer clientId=producer-1] Node 25 disconnected.

Any idea why this is happening?


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