Grafana Keycloak Integration


I am facing issues while integrating grafana with keycloak. I have created client in keycloak and below is the custom.ini file. However when i click on grafana page, it is not redirecting to keycloak. please help me in this issue.

enabled = true
name = OAuth
allow_sign_up = true
client_id = grafana
client_secret = fa7db7d1-d815-417a-9c4d-bcb33483a46d
auth_url = http://localhost:3000/auth/realms/grafana/protocol/openid-connect/auth
token_url = http://localhost:3000/auth/realms/grafana/protocol/openid-connect/token

;allowed_domains =

You didn’t post full Grafana config. So just guess: you have still configured local Grafana authentication (disable_login_form = false) and also skipped ouath auto login (oauth_auto_login = false), so you can’t expect that you will be automatically redirected to the Keycloak in this case.

BTW: https is mandatory for Open ID Connect protocol and you don’t need Direct Access Grants Enabled for Grafana.

No. You didn’t post full Grafana config again. Please provide