Grafana is taking too much time to relaod

We are monitoring the 200 servers using Status panel at grafana.
When we open the page, it is taking too much time to reload(15-30 minutes).
Server specifications which grafana contacts for metrics:

server type: Linux - HDD
Cores: 12
RAM: 252GB

The data at InfluxDB is 70GB.
While reloading the grafana, the RAM occupying by the InfluxDB is very high and occupying most of the cores.

We thought that, because of the high amount of data, it is failing to reload fast. So, we took the backup of data before 15 days and deleted the data at InfluxDB.
The disk space at InfluxDB reduces from 69 GB to 60GB only. But we have very high amount of data at that time.

Why the 9GB of data only reduced?.
Why this is happening?.
How to resolve the slowness issue?.

If you want any inputs, will update here.
Thank you…

Do you experience performance troubles on the server side only?
Do you mean the whole page reload only or even dashboard refresh?

Hi @alexanderzobnin,
I didn’t observe any performance issue on the server side.
While I loaded the grafana dashboard page, which is having 200 panels, is taking too much time to reload.
At the time, the RAM filling up sometimes and going to dead state for some time. InfluxDB is using more RAM when we reload the grafana page.
But, when we load another dashboard which is having 2 -3 panels, then it is working fine.

Thank you…

Do you have 200 Status panel panels at the dashboard? An issue may be in this panel. Can you compare performance of dashboard with the similar number of panels with the same metric queries but having another type (graph panel, for instance)? Or you can try to record memory allocation profile in browser dev tools - this may help to find a source of leaks.

Yes, I have 200 panels on the dashboard.
We have another graph panels for each instance. It is also taking too much time to reload but not like status panel(time is more comparatively greater than graph panel).