Grafana, Influxdb - create grafical curve from two series (datapoints)

Hi, is it possible to build and display two curves. First is source generated from according serie.
Second should be a calculated from the first serie, multiplyed by second dynamically serie value.
First serie is power from measurement in Watts. This is used by primary graph curve.
Second is a calculated value from primary value multipyed by value from second serie.
Both series are stored in Influxdb as separate series (power and multiplyer).
Thank’s for help.

The most important factors regarding this question are:

  1. Do the two series have identical timestamps? In other words, can you get
    both the value of series one and the value of series two by querying a single
    timestamp value?

  2. You say you are using InfluxDB - is that v1.x (probably 1.8) or 2.0? More
    significantly, are you using (or familiar with) InfluxQL or Flux?


Thanks. Normally is the multiplier value=1. So power first curve displays the same “power”. If multiplier changes to 0.8 (80%), the power value drops by factor 0.8.
The second curve should be displayed with factor 1. Changes of both series values are quasi with same timrstamp.

InfluxQL or Flux?

Influxdb 1.7.8 on Raspberry Pi 4 raspbian buster

Let’s try again…

In Datasources, what do you see in the Query Language drop down box:

Sorry InfluxQL

I’m using standart query with pull down options

Of course I can compute new serie for reduced curve in Influx. But they are same values as in original physically serie in interval of multi=1 and dropped by x % down at multi=100 - x%.
Problem is that drops are not constant and dependent of multiplyer change.

I am not 100% clear about the problem at hand, but does this help?
A = watts, B = multiplier, C = $A * $B

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Yes exact, I need a real curve from process with dynamically multiplyer and a virtual one with multiplyer constant equal =1
.Thanks for help.