Grafana Image Rendering Plugin creating hundreds/thousands of chrome processes after a while in Linux Server

Hi all!

I’m having issues with grafana image rendering plugin on my linux server where after a couple hours he starts automatically creating chrome processes without any human action. I know that these processes are supposed to be create when I use the “Direct link render” option in Grafana, but also they should be closed after a while.
Example of the chrome processes on my server:

This issue is causing the memory load of my server to increase till a point that crashes the server.

I have the 3.6.2 grafana image rendering plugin and my grafana version is 7.5.13. I can confirm that I followed every step on configurating the plugin with the Official documentation.

In my research I did not found many topics regarding this, and I was hoping that I could get some help to fix my problem.

Thanks for your time!


Hi @brunoalga59,

Thanks for opening this post.

Grafana’s current latest stable version is 9.3.1 and the version you are using is a bit older now. Also, there are numerous bug fixes and improvements had been made along the releases (see Changelog)

Same for the Image Render Plugin as the current stable release is version 3.6.3 (see Changelog)

The recommendation would be to test this in the recent stable version and if that does not work then feel free to report it here.

Hi @usmanahmad

I will update the grafana version to the latest and come back here with feedback asap!

Thanks for your feedback!