Grafana Image Rendering Plugin creating hundreds/thousands of chrome processes after a while in UNIX Server

Hi all!

I’m having this issues for quitte a while, where after a while it starts appearing hundreds of chrome processes automatically in my server making my server to crash due to high memory load. The processes should only appear when we click “Direct Image Link” in grafana but that’s not the case for me…

As you can see this is the type of processes that are created automatically in my server, and they are hundreds and sometimes thousands of them.

I’m currently using version 3.6.2 for grafana image renderer plugin and the 7.5.13 version for Grafana.

In configurating Grafana and the plugin I followed the official documentation.

Would it be possible to get some help troubleshoot my issue? I tried different version but the problems remain…

Any idea of what causing this? Is it a problem with the plugin itself that causes this memory issues?

Thanks in advance for your time!

Seems to be a duplicate post:

Therefore closing this one while the other one is still active.