Grafana Image Rendering Failed

My Grafana Version is v8.4.10

I am trying to generate the panel Image rendered, but getting failed.

I tried to upgrade and downgrade the grafana-image-renderer plugin version but still not get any success results.

I have tried to generate it with v3.5.0, v3.6.0, v3.6.1, v3.6.2, v3.6.3 versions of the plugin grafana-image-renderer.

Any inputs would be very helpful.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi @bmdeshmukh18,

Thanks for opening this post.

Grafana’s current latest stable version is 9.3.1 and the version you are using is a bit older now. Also, there are numerous bug fixes and improvements had been made along the releases (see Changelog)

The recommendation would be to test this in the recent stable version and if that does not work then feel free to report it here.