Grafana Home Assistant and a discrete graph

Hi All,
I’m a newbee on Grafana so please forgive me for asking a stupid question.
I am trying to get a discrete graph from a motion sensor using Home Assistant on a Raspberry and MariaDB on a Synology NAS. I connected Grafana (different Raspberry) directly to the database. So far all went well.

Now I’m trying to get this motion graph using Discrete Panel.
However I can’t seem to find the right configuration for this. See picture below:

The sensor gives an 8 when motion detected and 0 if no motion. So what I’m trying to get is a graph in which timezones (X-axis) are green when no motion detected (0) and red when motion detected (8). I don’t understand the 4 mln in the graph on the right Y-axis.

What is wrong?
Thx PPee

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I am in a similar situation.

I would like to chart operating states on 5 thermostats. States can either be off, heat or cool and have associated values in InfluxDB.

Can anyone suggest the best way to visualize this. A line graph is a bit non-intuitive.