Grafana HA on SQLite with memcached session and provisioned resources

Hello all, we are running Grafana where all the dashboards / datasources are strictly provisioned, write access is disabled. User store is external from AzureAD (EntraID). I know that for HA it says to use mysql / postgres, e.g. to share the session, but in our case we don’t basically need the DB. What if the session store is e.g. in memcached, would it be possible to have multiple instances on SQLite?

Check this put if it might help

thank you, I know that it is possible configure remote session storage, however what i don’t know if it is possible then to move to SQLite storage from MySQL, it would not be compliant with what the documentation says (it says proper db is required for HA), but as I said - we don’t need database as everything is provisioned

So if you dont need db why do you need sqlite? Bit confused

well, you cannot run grafana without a database, as far as I know.

I will try the HA mode with the SQLite and session stored in session / cache in memcached in a test environment

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