Grafana Geomap with GPS from Loki

Hi all, I’ve recently put together a promtail, Loki, grafana docker based system and all is working beautifully! One log I am acquiring into Loki contains lines with json fragments including latitude and longitude coordinates.

My goal is to somehow use the GeoMap panel (or another equivalent map view) to show the gps point from each log line.

In setting this up, I cannot get Geomap to identify the gps within the log lines and there is little documentation?

My assumption is there may be some form of transformation required on the Loki lines to make it possible for Geomap to see the cords? Also the docs for Geomap don’t mention Loki as a data source - so is there a more appropriate manner for getting a simple map/point display in grafana.

Many thanks for any pointers.