Grafana gauge/bar limits independent of time scale

I was trying to add a Gauge together with a graph in a dashboard, but I want the gauge to always scale from 0 to 100% instead of automatically scaling to the available data from the timerange.
How can I do that ?

I’ll add two screenshots to show visualy what I’m after

So, I would like the red bar, to always use the same lower/upper bounds,
so that it reflects better what the current state of the data is .

I already tried using overrides, but if that’s the way to go, I’m not doing it right.
I also tried playing with the field options.
The scale of the graph is also inversed, maybe that makes things complexer…

I think it’s the “Field” tab rather than “Overrides”
Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 11.45.08 AM

I’ve gotten closer to the solution, this Is what I have now:
This one is over 30 days

This one is over 12 hours

So what I did was add an override for the /srv/backup field and set the ‘min’ field to 0 and the max field to 8090337927168 (the size of the disk in bytes)
So this is a huge step forward, but if I wanted to duplicate this for all partitions, I would have to put the size of the disk in each field.
I tried using 100%, but that didn’t work

(At first I was trying to change min and max for the time field, but this makes a lot more sense now)