Grafana Flow Agent marked as infected by antivirus


Grafana Flow Agent is been marked as infected by our Antivirus (ESET). It happens at least with version 0.39.2 and 0.40.2 since the begining of the week.

We’ve checked with other antivirus (McAfee, Google, AVAST, AVG, etc) and also mark it as infected.

Do you have similar problems? Is Grafana aware of this?


Hi. This is a known issue with Go 1.22.0 being incorrectly flagged as a Trojan.

So it’s not a problem with the Grafana Agent binary.

I just got impacted after installing Grafana (latest release). If its not the Grafana binary please replace the use of Go in its dependencies immediately. I had a trojan crypto on my computer running. PLEASE take immediate steps to remove the Go dependency or stop allowing people to download your software as you will be accountable for financial harm if you do not take action after being notified.

This was an old false positive confirmed by ESET. There’s nothing to do on the Agent side of things. Update your antivirus definitions/software?