Grafana error querying Influxdb Tag Keys

Hello, I’m having trouble querying Influxdb tag keys in my Grafana dashboard.

For example, when I query something like this:
SELECT mean(“value”) FROM “evaqaid” WHERE (“device” = ‘00111’)

I immediately get a JS error message: "Cannot read property ‘valueOf’ of undefined

This query is similar to 'select * from evaqaid where message_type=‘smoke_detected’ which works fine when querying Influxdb itself.
My other queries for field values are working, so I know it’s not an issue with accessing my influxdb. Can you tell me why everytime I try to query with tag keys, I get an error message in Grafana? I also have console error messages:

Panel data error: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘valueOf’ of undefined
at Object.c.calculateInterval (boot.e4836696.js:31)
at b.calculateInterval (boot.e4836696.js:73)
at b.updateTimeRange (boot.e4836696.js:73)
at i (boot.e4836696.js:61)
at boot.e4836696.js:61
at o.$eval (boot.e4836696.js:61)
at o.$digest (boot.e4836696.js:61)
at boot.e4836696.js:61
at f (boot.e4836696.js:59)
at boot.e4836696.js:59

Some additional info:
I’m using mac OS 10.12.6
Influxdb v1.3.6
Grafana v4.5.2

Thanks a lot for taking a look!


If you toggle edit mode for your query so that you get the following view:


What happens then, do you get the same error?

If so, please copy the content from datasource row -> Query inspector here if possible. You can also use chrome devtools -> Network -> your query request to extract the request and response data.