Grafana druid plugin failed to start

Grafana version 8.1.8. I’m getting a Failed to start plugin error when trying to add the grafana-druid plugin (v1.3.0):

        EROR[09-22|14:50:59] Failed to start plugin                   
    logger=plugins.backend pluginId=grafadruid-druid-datasource 
    error="fork/exec /Users/Documents/Projects/Software/Plugins/druid/dist/grafadruid-druid-datasource_darwin_amd64: 
    no such file or directory"

I’ve taken the Source code for druid-grafana plugin from here - Release v1.3.0 · grafadruid/druid-grafana · GitHub

And I built it using npm install followed by npm run build, but after I copied the dist folder into the plugins directory, I see this error. It’s looking for an amd64 binary, but I want to make some changes to the plugin which is why I don’t want to use the binary directly. The other plugins I added (which don’t have the binary in their dist folders) using the same process work without issues. Any help appreciated.

Hi @ngalagali,

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I have moved this post from the “Installation” to the “Plugin Development” category as it seems to fits well with that.

Regarding your query, I found this page with good information about Druid (a community-based) plugin.

Also, you can check this page which contains some more detailed information about plugin installation for basic installation and also for unsigned plugin installation.

Incase, if all of the above does not help you with the error message then the suggestion would be to open an issue at the Druid GitHub page so that their developers can help you (as we do not provide support for community plugins).

I hope this helps :slight_smile: