Druid Plugin connectivity with Grafana

Hello All,
Can anyone please share any document or more detail about the Druid connectivity with Grafana and Druid plugin.

I am using below configuration
Druid v.0.14.0 / Grafana v6.2.1 / druid-datasource plugin 0.0.5

and Address of Druid server x.x.x.24:8088, broker x.x.x.22:8082.

Just want to know, What will be the connection-string and datasource addressed?

I am giving broker address with port but neither its giving any error or connecting.

Please note, I am very new to Grafana and Druid,


Hello Shashau04,

Iā€™m actually doing a little documentation.
Maybe I can help you if you still need help in order to do query with Druid plugin.

I use the same software ( Druid 0.14 and grafana 6.4)

We also forked the repo of druid plugin and developped more features in order to be up to day with the last grafana version : https://github.com/societe-generale/druidplugin

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Any help here, Even i am facing the same issue

Hi !

What is exactly your error ?!