Grafana Display in Bits/sec


Using Grafana Cloud, with Alloy as collector to scrape SNMP metrics via the built-in SNMP integration, I see my data displayed as Bytes/sec.

Can anyone tell me how to change that? I see lots of guides for prometheus/snmp-exporter however they all tell me to edit files which don’t exist when using alloy.


You can change the unit in grafana:


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Hi Raymond,

Thanks for the reply, where do you see that? I see no such option.

Are you using Grafana Cloud, or roll your own?

What dashboard are you using?

Thanks again!


In both local or cloud:

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Hi Raymond,

WOW! Thanks a lot!

It makes sense now but I never considered I’d have to change it per panel, I was looking at dashboards and datasources.

Thanks Again!

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