Grafana development on existing plugins


I’m somewhat new to Grafana, and I wish to contribute to developing new features on existing Grafana panel plugins but am unsure if there’s a guide for that or if someone could help me understand that process? I work on a Windows PC and already have the OSS Grafana installed. So can I for example fork the Grafana repository and then work on developing new features to the Geomap panel plugin in my local Grafana?

Thanks in advance

Hello @io81,

Please take a look at Contribute to Grafana | Grafana Labs and especially section Developer guide to get started.
You are correct: fork, develop new features and then submit PR for the team to review.

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Hi @mikhailvolkov

Thank you for the response. The guide mentions using WSL for developing plugins, but is it possible to develop without Linux? Because I already have Grafana setup as mentioned, with some existing Dashboards, so once I have forked, download the dependencies Yarn, Go and Node.js do I need to use Docker and go through the process of building Grafana; frontend and backend as mentioned in guide?

If the plugins you are trying to enhance are the Grafana ones, I think @mikhailvolkov got you on the right track. If you want to develop your own plugins, you don’t need an extra setup tho

Ok, so Linux is necessary if I want to enhance existing Grafana plugins. I can’t just fork it and start developing on my existing OSS Grafana setup using Windows?

@io81, Linux or Linux subsystem is a requirement according to the documentation and the blog: How to set up a Grafana development environment on a Windows PC using WSL | Grafana Labs

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